CAD / CAE Training in Hyderabad

Hyderabad – an Important IT Hub

Hyderabad was founded by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 and is described as the bridge between north and south India. After the state of Telangana was formed in 2014, Hyderabad was declared as its capital. It will also remain as the capital of Andhra Pradesh for up to 10 years, the state to which Hyderabad belonged till 2014. A unique city with rich cultural heritage, Hyderabad is home to about 8 million people. With the boom in Internet and software industry, Hyderabad too gradually metamorphosed into an important IT hub. While Bengaluru rules the roost in India as far as the IT sector is concerned, Hyderabad and Pune are close behind. Almost all the major international IT companies have a significant presence in Hyderabad. The city is also headquarters to a few leading India based IT companies.

There are a few reasons why Hyderabad is flourishing as an IT hub. For one, the city has a salubrious climate. The people of Hyderabad are cultured and educated. This in turn ensures the availability of skilled labour specific to IT. Like the rest of India, the wages are extremely reasonable as compared to the Western countries. Taking cognizance of the growing demand for IT in Hyderabad, the state too has chipped in. The state’s support for IT sectors in Hyderabad is very strong. The government gives a priority to the IT, Biotechnology and Pharma sectors as it is aware of the benefits it brings to the city and the state as well. The state government has ensured that there is enough digital infrastructure in Hyderabad to satiate the demand of the IT sector. Also, unlike Bengaluru, the condition of traffic in Hyderabad is quite better. HITEC City is a mark of the importance that the state government has accorded to Hyderabad. ‘HITEC’ stands for Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City. It is a major technology township that spreads over 50 sq. km. It has become the centre of information technology industry in Hyderabad, with the Cyber Towers achieving the status of a modern landmark. The HITEC City of Hyderabad is well planned and organized. It is composed of several campuses and has been developed in phases. It has residential areas where the IT professionals can live, as well as convention centers and malls where people can spend their leisure time.

CAD / CAE Training in Hyderabad

As Hyderabad develops industrially, it brings its own challenges and opportunities. One such area where there is an opportunity is in the area of software training. Apart from the usual programming languages, there is an increasingly need for progressive industries to hire students / professionals who are expert in CAD / CAE and allied software.

There are many industry domains in Hyderabad that use CAD and CAE software. The automobile industry, mechanical industry (especially product development companies), and the construction sector….all these require personnel who are adept in CAD, CAE or both. While it is relatively easy to understand and learn the basics of sophisticated CAD / CAE software like AutoCAD, CATIA, HyperMesh, Ansys, etc., it is very difficult to really master the nuances of these software. As their sophistication grows with each version of the software, so does their complexity. To really learn such sophisticated software, it is necessary to get training from professional institutes. Recognizing the need to impart quality CAD / CAE to students and professionals alike, a few institutes have come up in Hyderabad. DsesignTech CAD Academy is one such institute that provides quality CAD / CAE training to both students and professionals. Apart from having impeccable credentials, the institute also boasts of tie-ups with industry heavyweights like Altair and Dassault for training on CATIA, the leaders in integrated CAD / CAE solutions. What separates DesignTech CAD Academy from other institutes in Hyderabad is the thoughtfully designed curriculum, ‘hands on’ training, CAD / CAE training on fully authorized software and placement assistance.

As more and more companies set up shop in Hyderabad, the city is set to progress. And good CAD / CAE institutes will be there to augment its development.