CAD / CAE / CAM Opportunities in Pune

Whenever a new product is designed, there is a lot of thought process that goes into it. The shape of the object, the material and other critical parameters need to be well thought and utilitarian for the object to be successful in the market. 
Till the early 1980's, product design was the job of draftsmen. It was time consuming and tedious to refine the drawings. The emergence of growing power of computers gave rise to a new genre of software called CAD / CAE / CAM. This software made the designing process and the subsequent manufacturing process very easy and well documented. 

What is CAD?
CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. As the computing power of computers grew in the late 80s, the software used for CAD / CAE became more and more sophisticated. Indeed, it can be easily said today that this software has become the mainstay of designing. CAD allows a rapid turnaround in the time for ideation and prototyping the models. Initially, CAD was used to make technical drawing and drafting easier. Over time, it has found other uses as well. Today, CAD software is a tool that is used by designers and engineers, and is an important aspect of the entire activity of the Product Lifecycle Management. 

What is CAE?
CAE or Compute Aided Engineering is a range of software tools that assist the engineering design process. What is the engineering design process? Engineers typically are concerned about various parameters of a product like temperature, pressure, shear forces, etc. The CAE software uses mathematics and physics including finite element analysis, kinematics, computational fluid dynamics, multibody dynamics, etc. to optimize the product design. CAE takes CAD a notch above to simulate, validate and optimize products and objects. CAE software is an important source of information that helps the design team in decision making. 

What is CAM?
CAM is an acronym for Computer-aided manufacturing. It makes use of computer software to control machine tools and related machinery in the manufacturing process. While it is frequently grouped with CAD / CAE, it is not technically considered a system for engineering software programs. Rather, it is a suite of software that helps streamline the production in a manufacturing plant. CAM is a subsequent computer-aided process after computer-aided design (CAD) and sometimes after computer-aided engineering (CAE) to control the various machining processes. .

One of the most important aspects of CAD / CAE / CAM is the reduced design iteration process, and documentation that helps the future versions or even other, similar products. And both types of software provide file output in various formats.

CAD / CAE / CAM are typically used by architects, mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics and aerospace engineers. Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive.

CAD / CAE / CAM Opportunities in Pune
As CAD / CAE / CAM software provides more and more sophistication, the complexity of options it provided become myriad. Specialized training is required to really understand and utilize the complete potential of such CAD / CAE software. CATIA, AutoCAD, HyperMesh and Ansys are few examples of software that takes a lot of time to master. Luckily, there are few training institutes / academies in Pune that focus exclusively on CAD / CAE / CAM software. 

Pune has two pronged advantage as far as providing training in CAD / CAE / CAM is concerned. One, it has one of the largest student body in Asia. The multitude of educational institutes in and around Pune ensure that these students are well qualified to learn the nuances of advanced CAD / CAE software tools like CATIA, HyperMesh, Ansys, AutoCAD and others. Secondly, Pune is an industrial hub. Touted as the Detroit of India, there are big, reputed automobile manufacturers in the vicinity of the city. As a natural corollary, there are many auto ancillary manufacturers in Pune that play a vital role in the supply chain for the auto companies. In addition, there are many mechanical and electronics companies in Pune. All these companies are on the lookout of trained CAD / CAE personnel to design the products these companies manufacture. From cars to pistons, from micro circuits to heavy machinery, training in CAD / CAE software gives an edge. The reputed CAD, CAE and CAM training institutes in Pune are doing their job. They act as a finishing academy where students and professionals get’hands on' training in CAD and CAE tools like HyperMesh, CATIA, Ansys and many others. The presence of a large of pool of students on the one hand and the growing demand of the expanding industrial sector certainly presents good CAE / CAE opportunities in Pune.

Expanding Horizons…
As a matter of fact, reputed CAD / CAE training institutes and academies in Pune have opened branches even within the city (Deccan Gymkhana, Kothrud, etc.), suburbs (Chinchwad and Hadapsar for example) and other cities (like Hyderabad, Satara, Bengaluru, etc.) to meet the growing demand of students to provide quality CAD / CAE training.