The DesignTech Training Advantage

DesignTech CAD Training Academy acts as the missing link between the growing demands of the industry and the trained student pool that supports and fuels it at the backend.

Let us scan the ground realities of both the sectors:



  • 2D is passé. The bar is much higher today.
  • Designers have to look up from the screen to answer two key questions in parallel: How fast, and at what cost.
  • With trained manpower delivering from the word ‘go’, the industry today allows little margin for error or patience. It’s no longer the place to train.


  • Due to limited practical & industry awareness, fresh engineering graduates might find it challenging to find a right place.
  • This has resulted in a shortage of ‘Ready to deploy’ manpower.
  • Manpower attrition rates are the highest in this industry, making scaling up of R&D difficult.
  • Time, Money and an intensely competitive landscape are other teething challenges for the industry.



  • The trend has shifted from a 'software learning' approach to a 'problem-solving' approach. It's no longer how many sophisticated features or tools one has mastered: It's about what they can do.
  • As a corollary, students need to spend more hands-on time in the real industry environment, rather than in the classroom.
  • New-age educators are focusing on equipping students with skills, rather than theory.


  • The absence of large scale, structured, domain-insight rich training centres in India
  • Most training institutes today are all-stop sweat-shops that impart half-baked knowledge through individual part-time trainers who lack adequate technical competence, specialization and experience.
  • Course curricula and study-wares are neither in line with industry needs, nor are approved/monitored by software OEM's.
  • The upshot is unskilled professionals who are unable to make the best use of the latest software due to incomplete knowledge and inadequate training.

Unique Training Methodology at the DesignTech CAD Academy

  • 100% industry-ready training programs
  • Emphasis on practical training approach
  • Simplified teaching methods for easy learning
  • Regular assessments, monitoring and tests
  • Curriculum and mentors who tap into & draw out the true capabilities of the student
  • Preview of industry work culture
  • Benefit from Placement Cell & Industrial Reference
  • Focus on creating true design engineers