CAD, CAE, UG NX, CATIA, AutoCAD and HyperMesh Training Academy

DesignTech CAD Academy is an authorized training partner of Siemens PLM , Dassault Systèmes and Altair HyperWorks in India. We offer training courses in CAD, CAE, UG NX, CATIA, AutoCAD and HyperMesh to students and working professionals / corporates. The training academy is an education wing of DesignTech Systems, a well known company in the CAD / CAE and engineering services field. Our credentials, knowledge and dedication have gained us a recognition and reputation as a reliable technology and training partner. Companies trust our quality of training work, be it CAD or CAE training which is why having passed of our training academy, and having gained the practical knowledge imparted at our institute, you are definitely considered more seriously for a role in their organization. Our years of experience in the engineering field has widened our reach and penetration into the industries across India, and our regular dealings with the companies from cross vertical domains have helped us establish a wide circle of network. It will be very helpful in bringing to you much sought after job and career opportunities after your training is completed. It also equips us to give you better and valuable industrial references and placement assistance.

We have put in all our experience and knowledge into formulating CAD training, CAE training, UG NX training, CATIA training, AutoCAD training, or HyperMesh training courseware that is an ideal blend of theoretical knowledge as well as practical applications in the industry through empirical training methodology that will help you get job ready and prove your potential in the company right from the day one of your joining.

We also have special tailor made training courses for corporate professionals who want to master a CAD and/or CAE software (like UG NX, CATIA, AutoCAD or HyperMesh) to meet their job requirements that will thus help them contribute significantly in attaining their company's engineering objectives and their personal growth goals.

We teach only on licensed software! Beat the competition and be in a league of your own.

CAD / CAE Training Courses Offered

Students and Working Professionals

Student and Working Professional Courses in CAD, CAE, UG NX, CATIA, AutoCAD and HyperMesh.

At DesignTech CAD Academy, we provide various options and learning programs in-line with the engineering curriculum and academic background. Students can choose from various levels of CAD & CAE courses to fit their need and interest areas.

Corporate Training

 Corporate CAD, CAE, UG NX, CATIA, AutoCAD and HyperMesh Training Courses.

At DesignTech CAD Academy, we understand that each organization has its unique requirements and challenges. In today's dynamically changing environment, retaining and scaling skilled design manpower is always a key concern and bottleneck across the segment.