Advantages of NX

The field of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) changes rapidly. Recent advances in software have made the long desired goal of concurrent engineering a step closer to reality. It is set to reduce design time, producing faster and more accurate products, and in general achieving higher product quality. Siemens NX is an integrated package of mechanical computer aided engineering software. Originally developed by Unigraphics, it was taken over by Siemens PLM Inc.

Advantages of NX
NX from Siemens is high end CAD / CAE software. It was originally developed by Unigraphics, but has been taken over by Siemens for its PLM software range.

Siemens NX is software that facilitates a concurrent engineering approach to the design and stress-analysis of mechanical engineering products. The computer models that NX develops can also be used by manufacturers of lathes, mills or for rapid prototyping using 3D printers.

One of the main benefits of using Siemens NX solid modelling software is its use of feature based parametric modelling technique. This powerful feature allows automation of the design and revision procedures by the use of parametric features.

What is parametric modeling?
The word parametric means that the geometric definitions of the design, such as dimensions, can be varied at any time during the design process. Features are predefined parts or construction tools for which users define the key parameters. In other words, parametric features control the model geometry by the use of design variables.

Siemens NX comprises several application software modules (called applications). All of them share the same database.

NX for Design is an integrated product design solution that streamlines and accelerates the product development process for engineers who need to deliver innovative products in a collaborative environment.

NX for Manufacturing provides you with a complete solution set for part manufacturing - from CAM to CNC controller.

NX for Digital Product Development accelerates innovation by helping you leverage knowledge, automate process, evaluate ideas and manage change efficiently.
In addition, there are other applications (for example Simcenter 3D) that can be used as a standalone application or integrated with NX.

NX is quite a versatile and advanced CAD solution. It allows you to program and customize the software to suit your specific requirements.

Smart Innovation Portfolio Solution
  • Clear, intuitive UI to simplify understanding
  • Personalized user experience for role and task
  • Available anytime, anywhere, through any delivery model
  • Understand interconnectedness as systems—including production
  • Built-in intelligence for self-awareness and optimization
  • Leverage Big Data to gain insights into complex, global processes 
Siemens claims that NX is the industry’s most integrated, flexible and efficient solution for product design, engineering and manufacturing – no other solution offers synchronous technology, integrates multi-discipline simulation so perfectly, or offers an array of advanced part manufacturing applications.

Like all good software, Siemens NX is always evolving. All good institutes that teach NX keep abreast of the latest version, so that their students get a competitive edge.